I've been in business 16 years, and I know that it takes more than loving what you do, to run a successful business.

I see business as a tightrope where getting to the goal at the other end is the key challenge.

A tightrope needs significant tension at both ends of the rope and a stable foundation from which to launch and land. The more stable the foundation, the lower the risk that you will get the wobbles, lose your footing and take a hard landing.

The balancing act of business is to make a profit despite all the environmental factors that can make that difficult to achieve. To make a profit, you must be capable of building a foundation for business success, using strategies that take you one step at a time to the goal you envision at the other end.

The business capabilities of strategic thinking, managing risk and leveraging opportunity are the 'base plates' that you stand upon to keep you steady, regardless of all that is going on around you. Having a firm footing gives you a safe place to come back to when you get the wobbles so you can regroup and continue.

As you walk the tightrope of business, you will also discover more about yourself. Insecurities and beliefs can hinder or help you reach the goal. Your mindset about yourself will encourage or distract you from the journey.

Just as you develop your outer capability 'base plates', you can develop a strong inner core of self-confidence and sovereignty to support you when the rope swings wildly and you feel you may not be able to hold on. That inner core goes with you wherever you go and can never be lost, even if you fall or jump off the tightrope entirely.

As you build your business capability and strengthen your confidence, the business world becomes a place you can explore with increasing freedom and enjoyment. Let's share that journey today, there is so much to gain by doing it together!

Hi, I'm Irene

For over 20 years I've designed and created learning programs. I love learning new things and am insatiably curious about the world, so I enjoy designing information in interesting and insightful ways.

I've been a project management coach for 8 years, a facilitator with the Australian Institute of Management for 15 years, and spent the last 4 years testing and trialling different ways to teach information online.

I've won several State awards and Tenders, most recently in 2018 with the Office of Small Business to develop the Claim Your Confidence online program for women in business (see below).

Now it's time to draw all that work together by offering courses that build your business capability, so you can achieve your business dreams, while focusing on strengthening your sense of sovereignty.

Being sovereign means being your own person and owning the power that you have inside of you. Not seeing your experiences as being in the hands of another person, or giving away your power to others.

Most people will find that a business gives you endless practice in this! I'm very passionate about this learning and so I build it into all my courses and coaching. If you'd like to know more, click on my courses or coaching offerings, visit my website at www.irenedbaker.com or reach out at [email protected]