Claim Your Confidence

Strengthening the Mindsets of Women In Business

You can do anything you choose in life with a mindset to match.

About This Program

Developed by Irene D. Baker (www.irenedbaker.com) and supported in 2018 by the Queensland Government's Advancing Women In Business initiative, the Claim Your Confidence program explores the beliefs that affect your confidence, and how these beliefs impact on the choices you make on your quest to build a great business, to do exciting business projects and to find meaning in your work.

When the way you view yourself contributes to the mindsets that shape your life, it's vital to understand that view. How you got there is not our focus. Instead we teach you the steps to strengthen the mindsets that help you and rewire the mindsets that keep you stuck.

Using stories, case studies, discussions and weekly facilitator input and support, each module is applied to the confidence challenges affecting your business today. We examine impostor syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure/success and beliefs in scarcity, so that you can change them all in this one program.

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Who is it for?

Women starting a business.

  • Business dreams are full of exciting plans and visions of success, but these dreams don’t always reflect the reality. Self doubt can quickly set in as the pressure increases. The beliefs you hold about yourself and your ability to survive in business will be the glue that helps you achieve your dream. By identifying your most deeply held beliefs about yourself, you may also see some of the future stumbling blocks to your business success.

Women who want to grow their business.

  • Growing a business takes courage because success is scary! Preparing your mindset for success is as important as preparing a business plan to avoid failure. Self-sabotaging thoughts are generally not aligned with an intention to achieve success and yet, they occur. Perfectionism, a belief in lack and scarcity as well as feeling like an imposter all stem from unhelpful beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts. We teach you how to rewire these beliefs into helpful and calming thoughts and actions.

Women who want to move on and up.

  • Your experience in business is extensive, but you recognise that some triggers impact you over and over. Maybe it's criticism, fear of failure or not living up to other's expectations. Moving yourself past these triggers is a goal that's achievable. This program gives you the opportunity to reflect on where you are now and how a path of success can be achieved with greater self-acceptance, possibility, and creativity.

Who is it NOT for

  • While it is tempting to want a quick fix, changing beliefs and patterns of negative self-talk takes time and effort. If you are hoping to read ten tips to greater confidence and then move on, this program isn't for you. We intentionally address long held beliefs and attitudes because we want to see more women stay and succeed in business. This takes a bit of work on your part or nothing will change.

The Impact of a Mindset

Probably like you, the mindsets that formed in my early years had a major impact on my beliefs about who I was and what I was capable of. Two very impactful beliefs I held from the beginning of my schooling was that my struggle with mathematics was due to my gender (girls can't do math), while the other was believing that women did not have the skills or intellect to manage a business.

In my family, it was an accepted belief that education was a waste on a girl when marriage and babies were her likely future. All my thoughts of business studies were firmly stamped out as I was encouraged by my father to either marry, or choose between a teaching or nursing career. However, a very wise nursing administrator saw my lack of enthusiasm for health care and told me she wouldn't 'touch me with a ten foot barge pole', which narrowed down my choices to teaching!

These early beliefs created a pattern of thinking about myself (a mindset) that shaped a career I felt compelled to follow. Those thought patterns led to stories I told myself about what I was and wasn't capable of doing, such as choosing kindergarten teaching over primary school because there were no math requirements, at which I would surely fail.

A mindset will define us if we let it, but that does not mean that it serves us. Unhelpful mindsets and the stories we attach to them are embedded from our past, reminding us of a time when we learned that we were not good enough in someone's eyes, or did not live up to someone's expectations. So we compensated. We did something we didn't want to do; we avoided stuff we thought we would fail at; we believed that we were not 'up to scratch'. Maybe we are still compensating.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your life now, it can't happen unless you change the mindsets that limit who you are in your own eyes. Unless you believe that you are worth the effort, nothing will change. Taking responsibility for the beliefs that you choose to hold onto that do not serve you, is up to you. No one else can replace your mindsets for you, nor will they succeed even if they tried.

Your value is unmistakable and anyone who told you otherwise was wrong. However, replacing outdated beliefs takes persistence and if you are tired of the struggles that stuck mindsets have brought to your past, you know that today might be the time to tackle them, before they control your future.

Once you plant the seed of a new way of thinking it cannot help but grow in you. If this journey interests you, please contact me or enrol today, or visit my website at www.irenedbaker.com where I have blogs and practices that will help you change beliefs without the coaching or community support.

I really hope I see you on this life changing journey.



Your Instructor

Irene D. Baker
Irene D. Baker

Hi, I'm Irene, an educator/trainer, project manager, business woman - good at wearing many hats in my business and personal life. After 15 years, I still find business to be everything it’s cracked up to be – hard work, exhilarating, challenging and at times, terrifying!

What I love is that it gives me permission to be curious and learn a great many new things, some of which I get very excited about and then want to teach to others! The brain and brain plasticity is one of those interests, so this course uses brain research to help you change unhelpful beliefs about yourself.

I'm here to support your journey, encourage a community and to provide the ideas that will guide you to your own best thinking. I hope you will join me as we do that in this course.


What Participants are Saying

"For me, the strength of the program has been the ability (I would also say the permission) to tune into the good stuff and filter out the negative. I now hear how many successful business women talk about the self-saboteur, about visualising who you want to be and giving yourself permission to be that person, about understanding that friends and family may find it hard to accept who you are becoming, and may unconsciously try to hold you back.

It’s been a wonderful course Irene. Well balanced, easy to read, grounded in research. A gift. Thank you"

- Dr. Elizabeth Kirk (PhD), Founder Beyond Ergo

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is open now so you can enrol any time. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the program?
I'd like to say 'lifetime access' but that is a really long time! There are no access restrictions on it at this time. You can come back to it as often as you like in this time and join into conversations, update us on your progress, connect with other women online and share your learning about rewiring mindsets. You can also start the course again for no additional cost!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will I have help if I don't understand something?
Your Facilitator will be online through the week to answer questions that are posted to the group. Private questions won't be answered because if you are wondering about something, others probably are too.
Should I do the modules in order?
You will gain maximum benefit from the program if you complete modules 1 - 3 in the order they are presented. These initial modules set the foundation for the practice modules that follow. After that, you can dip in and out as you like.
How long will each module take?
Each module will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. If you get involved in the discussion forum or spend more time practicing, it might take longer. The time you spend is up to you and you can always come back to where you left off.
Will it be too hard? I haven't studied in ages
The modules are designed for people who might not know anything about mindsets or the brain. We use introductory ideas to explain things and give you lots of optional resources to explore if you want more information.
I learn best face-to-face, won't online be boring?
The great thing about this course is that you aren't left alone once you enrol. You are joining with other women in business who are sharing their insights and experiences, along with your Facilitator. There will be many opportunities to engage with others throughout the program.

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