What this course covers

Risk management is not difficult, but there are a few steps that need to be completed to make it successful. This online course provides the practical side to your downloadable ebook 'Managing Risk & Opportunity' by showing, explaining and suggesting different ways that you can implement each step to tailor risk management to your business.

You will be guided through the six steps of risk management, based on the International Standard of Risk Management (ISO:31000) which I have adapted to suit the small business sector. No prior knowledge or understanding of risk management is assumed or needed to do this successfully. I step you through every activity and provide many examples.

All the templates in the ebook are dowloadable and provided in Word and/or Excel formats so that you can save and adapt them to suit your particular needs.

The lecture named 'Discussion Forum' is where you are welcome to post your thoughts or questions about the content and I will clear up concerns or uncertainty about what is required and post any additional support. To see what others have posted, you will need to have ticked the box 'Notify me when someone responds to my comments' under your profile at the top right hand corner of the course home page. Click on your picture or profile image and click 'edit profile' to change this setting.

Please reach out if you require assistance by sending an email to [email protected] I'm always here to support your progress and committed to ensuring you get value from the program.

Thanks for joining and enjoy the course!

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