Hello, I’m Irene and welcome to my course on Managing Risk and Opportunity in Business!

I’ve wanted to do this course for several years, because believe it or not, I enjoy risk management! I have found it to be one of the most useful skills I gained back at the beginning of my business career and it couldn’t be a better time for you to be learning how to do it too.

Like all first-time business owners, my initial years in business were a huge learning curve. In those early days I had no understanding of how to anticipate risks so that I could prevent them from disrupting my business plans!  Experience is a great teacher, but sometimes you want to learn how to make things go right more often!

I see this course filling a gap for business owners, particularly for women, to learn how to manage risks before they affect the survival of the business.

Women can miss out on gaining experience in risk management because their previous careers may not have focused on it.  But once you are in business, there is no escaping the reality that risks can kill a business dream. 

What I know makes the difference when applying new skills, particularly for those newer to business, is to have the support of others with you on your learning journey. 

When you can ask questions in real time, do the activities and then share your insights with others, it is much more likely that you will cement what you learn into your business routines. And that’s my goal – to provide courses that help you sustain your business, even in the most unpredictable of times.

I make this course as engaging as possible by providing you with many different resources to help you put each step into practice. 

And I specifically focus on finding and assessing opportunities because leveraging positive risk is a fantastic way for you to grow and sustain a business. And it’s more important today than ever.

So let’s jump in and get to know each other. Please post any questions or thoughts to the Forum and I can’t wait to meet you there! 

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