Whether you are starting a business or expanding one, Capability Coaching helps you discover all that you are capable of.

To be capable means to have the ability and the qualities to achieve something. In business, you must be capable of building a foundation for business success if you want to achieve your business vision.

A foundation for business success is more than branding and a website. It's using strategic thinking to action the right steps that lead to a profit and knowing how to adapt those strategies to the challenges you face as you progress towards it. It's managing risk before it wipes out your hard work, and using opportunities to create and innovate for growth.

Success also depends on how well you align your mindset with your goals. A growth mindset stems from being willing to see challenges as part of the journey and it will keep you focused and resilient when things don't go to plan. Trusting in yourself to uncover the answers to even the most difficult of situations will build a strong 'inner core' of self-confidence.

A business without a strong foundation will ultimately crumble under pressure, resulting in lost livelihoods and financial strain. Women often bear the brunt of business failure with the loss of a steady income in prime working years and challenges re-entering the workforce if the business closes.

Capability Coaching will support you to create a business you love, while strengthening your capacity to face and embrace the factors that are most likely to impact it.

Coaching will upskill you in critical capability areas, while addressing the factors that hold you back from reaching the vision you are aiming for. Based in best practice in business management and the latest neuroscience research, you will delight in discovering just how much further you can go with a shot of Capability Coaching.

Using a combination of Coaching + Training you will have uninterrupted time to troubleshoot problems and develop practical interventions that enable you to think ahead and move forward.

To choose a Capability Coaching experience with me is to see exactly what you are really capable of!

Capability Coaching can help you to:

Get clear about your business vision and how to reach it.

Discover how to recognise opportunities and choose the right ones for you.

Re-energise you and your business after a difficult year.

Develop a more confident mindset.

Become more assertive and less fearful in your business.

Change the belief that if it isn't 'perfect' it's not worth putting out there.

Perceive risk in a balanced way so that you can use it to grow your business.

Reframe business closure to help you move forward.

Design and manage the projects that your business needs.

Feel less worried about the uncertainty of the future and more focused on getting the most from today.

Areas where a specialist is better placed to serve you:

Marketing, SEO, finance, accounting, HR, sales.

Single Coaching Session

In one 90 minute Zoom phone or F2F* Coaching/Training session you will identify one area to build your business capability based on topics from any of the offered courses, and learn key strategies to improve those areas.

A written follow up plan will be provided including additional strategies you can implement in your business over the next few months.

Follow up email support provided for one week to help you stick to your plan!

*F2F depends on geographic location.

Note: A course is not included in this offer.

4 Week Coaching Series

In 4 x 60 minute Zoom, phone or F2F* Coaching/Training sessions you will target four critical areas related to your business based on topics from the offered courses and targeting specific skill gaps or expertise that you want to build upon.

Build your confidence and capability in one!

Follow up email support provided throughout the 4 weeks.

*F2F depends on geographic location.

Note: A course is not included in this offer.

Course + Coaching Bundle $750

Choose any offered Course with a 4 week Coaching/ Training Series to tailor to your specific needs and become proficient in your new skills in under a month!

Course^ is available for 12 months for you to return to as needed.

4 x 60 minute Zoom, phone or F2F* sessions focused on applying the course to your specific business needs.

*F2F depends on geographic location.

^Please note there is no refund on the course should you cancel your coaching package. Please read the Refund Policy carefully before you sign up.

Why Capability Coaching?

Hi! I'm Irene, the woman behind the Company Inzpire Pty Ltd and www.irenedbaker.com.

I create online courses that support women to start and sustain a business for the long term. I focus on:

  1. Having a vision and strategy so you have a roadmap for success.
  2. Balancing risk and opportunity to strengthen and protect yourself and the business.
  3. And wiring in a helpful mindset to cope with the challenges that come with business and build resilience.

Coaching can support you to plan for the future, see even greater possibilities from the opportunities that are in front of you, or help you change direction as you stay relevant in today's changing world.

We focus on the experiences you want to have in your business, using strategies that reassure your brain you are perfectly safe, no matter how scary or uncertain this new growth feels!

As an accredited brain-based coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and the BrainLink Group, I incorporate neuroscience into all my coaching. I'm also accredited in the Everything DiSC profiles and the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments.

If you'd like to chat about how I can support you to find out all that you are capable of, take up my free 30min consultation!

Ready to Book?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add additional Coaching Sessions?

Yes, you can add single 60 minute sessions onto any current package for only AUD$165 inc GST.

Can I have a longer Coaching Series?

Yes! If you would prefer to have a Coaching Series of 6, 8 or 12 week sessions to dig deeper into your business capabilities and apply the learning across your business, then a coaching package is the way to go.

These are great value and will enable you to maximise the benefit of any course you purchase, including setting a strategic vision, developing your risk and opportunity strategy, creating a competitive business strategy, working with your team, practicing a growth mindset, overcoming blocks to success such as self-sabotage...the options are endless and up to you.

Contact me to discuss at [email protected]

Can I purchase coaching without a course?

Absolutely! If you have a skill gap you want to fill, or know where you would like to benefit from having a coach, please contact me to discuss.

Do you offer other Coaching?

Yes, we also offer the Everything DiSC + Coaching Profiles to help you discover your unique workplace priorities and communication preferences when working with other business stakeholders. We offer the Workplace Profile, the Work of Leaders Profile and the Productive Conflict Profile with a coaching package to suit.

Click here for more.

What is your policy on refunds and cancellations?

Thank you for asking! Please refer to our Returns and Refund Policy at the bottom of this page and make sure that you are fully aware of, and agree to these terms before you sign up for any Coaching sessions or packages.